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Miss & Mrs World Super model 2018 - Malaysia held from 5th December

By chandu Created on 10/06/2018 - 19:10 . Updated 10/06/2018 - 19:14

Bangalore 5 October: Exhilarating is the word best describe Miss&Mrs world super model 2018, launched today in Bangalore. Compitation proposed to be held from 5th to 9th December 2018 in Malaysia.

Mr.Dato Sri Glen, President of Agro malaysia, Founder & Chairman of DSG creations said " I am very happy to be part of this event. Event will be held from 5th to 9th December 2018 in Malaysia at Hotel Palace of golden horses.

More than 37 countries international model's are participating in the grand finale in Malaysia. Miss Sufi syed is selected as finalist from India. "

Also added "As a successful producer in Malaysia i am very happy to announce that we are planning to begun movie production house in India. Initially we focus only on Hindi movie industry. Later we will enter south market.Our main goal is encourage new talent. we also planning to make movie with one of the finalist of 2018 super model event. "

Krishna & Rafeek from Aryaan Venture, Chidambar Kulkarni from Tejas Entertainment,Charan Suvarna, Prasad Gaitonde, Rashmi A Rao,Sharal Manoraj ,Dr Shailesh
Shriniva fromTeam Fashion ABCD were present at the event