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Lalbhag botanical garden equipped with smart parking and aerators

By chandu Created on 10/08/2018 - 11:49 . Updated 10/08/2018 - 11:52

Famous Balbhag botanical garden started smart car parking and 9 solar aeretors with the help of Bosch India. The project cost about 4 crores funded by Bosch India corporate social responsibility fund completed in less than seven months.

Y.S.PATIL, Commissioner, Horticulture Dept, Karnataka Govt said "The facilities smart parking, 9 aerators & solar system worth more than Rs 4 Cr created at Prestigious Lalbhagh Botanical Garden within 7 months. For this we have not spent any money from Government. This is done by initiation taken by secretary Maheshwar Rao Sir, myself and team.

He added "We started this project when president Bosch India Ltd and his company staff visited Lalbhagh for the cleaning purpose. They discussed regarding development of Lalbhagh and we explained in detail to them and then they came with a proposal of worth more than 4 crore in their corporate social responsibility fund. We agreed for their proposals after one month continuous deliberations. Then we created world class parking facilities & aerators in 30 acres tank to keep the tank water clean. This aerators run on solar. "

He said " We are also planning to do litter free Lalbhagh especially plastic free."

The project handed over On November 6th to the Lalbagha horticultural department.